Select Page is excited to announce our partnership with Popular Pays, the leading Instagram influencer platform!

McDonalds used PopularPays to promote adding cuties clementines to Happy Meals.

McDonalds used PopularPays to promote adding Cuties Clementines to Happy Meals.

Activate Top Instagrammers to Create and Share Branded Content

The most effective way for brands to engage Millennial audiences is to add-value to their favorite media experiences. There’s no hotter app than Instagram, and no better way to reach its 400M active users than to have the most popular Instagrammers promote your brand in their own unique style!

Popular Pays makes it easy to identify the top Instagram influencers that align with your brand and activate them to create brand-safe content that’s shared with millions of organic followers.


Posts come from real people and are seen by Instagrammers who willingly follow them (all #ads are properly disclosed).

Activate 1,000+ Instagrammers with between 50K – 3M followers each!

Transparency & Control:
Brands have 100% control over who and what gets posted and can review/approve each post and caption before it’s published.

Content, Solved:
Full right to reuse influencers photos wherever you’d like (brand’s Instagram, Facebook, website, etc).

Real-time analytics dashboard, seamless approval workflow, and Spidergram influencer search.

Nike Case Study:

Nike recently partnered with PopularPays to activate top Instagrammers to promote their Nike Flash reflective running wear.

The Brief: “Take nighttime shots to show how reflective Nike’s new line of gear is”

Targeting: Dark/gritty street photography.

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