Select Page is excited to announce our partnership with Nextdoorthe private social network for the neighborhood.

Brands, welcome to the neighborhood!

Nextdoor is the easiest way to keep up with what’s happening in your neighborhood.  Neighbors discuss everything from planning a block party, to finding a last-minute babysitter, to recommendations for a new grill, or a good handyman.

Now, we’re helping Nextdoor partner with a select group of relevant brands to join this private neighborhood conversation.

The ideal context for home-related products
Nextdoor is where neighbors are asking each other about recommendations for household products and local services. In fact, recommendations is the most popular topic in the feed — with 2 out of 3 members saying they have been influenced by a neighbor’s recommendation on Nextdoor.

For brands, this provides a uniquely relevant context to promote products and services related to the home.

Hyperlocal, at scale
Nextdoor is growing rapidly — now used by over 60% of all US neighborhoods.

Nextdoor growth

This scale enables relevant brands to join a private, neighborhood conversation — thousands of neighborhoods at a time.

Everyone in a neighborhood sees the same shared feed, driving collective conversations around posts. Engagement then deepens as neighbors “thank” “reply” and even “recommend” your product.

Conversations that start on Nextdoor, often continue offline: on the sidewalk, at the dog park, in the local coffee shop.

Why Nextdoor?
Brand messages at the top of the neighborhood feed are driving measurable business impact for early partners:

— The ideal context for promoting home-related products
— Fuel neighborhood word-of-mouth, at scale
— Drive real engagement and qualified conversions

Interested in exploring how your brand could benefit from being front-and-center in the neighborhood feed? Give us a shout we’d love to help!