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When brands advertise online, particularly in social and mobile experiences, it’s a lot like trying to engage with people at a cocktail party. But what if online ads were people at a cocktail party, who would they be?

Standard Banners Ads

Standard Banners Ads

Standard (IAB) BannersThat girl you never remember
She’s always around, but she never makes much of an impression. You’ve just never really clicked with her.



RetargetingThat creepy guy
He looks vaguely familiar, but he doesn’t quite fit in with this crowd. You rack your brain trying to figure out how he would know the host… until you realize that he doesn’t, he’s only here to try and talk to you again. You remember that you had gone to a party at his house once and now you come to the frightening realization that he’s been following you around ever since.

Facebook Ads –- The name dropper
In an attempt to seem cooler, they constantly mention that random friends of yours like them.

Pre-Roll Ads –- The guy keeping you from getting a drink
He wedges himself between you and the bar and launches into a longwinded story that you couldn’t care less about, before finally letting you squeeze past him to get that cocktail you came for.

Mobile Ad

Mobile Banner

Mobile BannerThe guy who invades your personal space
He sits next to you on an airplane, crowding too close in a confined space. Every time your arm touches his by accident, he takes it as a sign that you want to hear all about him.

Surveys — The insecure host
Always seeking validation, they waste your time asking annoying questions like: Are you having a good time? Do you like me more because you came to this to this party? How old are you?

Native Ad

Native Ad

Native AdsThe guy who loves theme parties
Any excuse to dress in costume and he will be in character all night.

…and then, of course:

Additive Advertising™The guy that makes everyone laugh and then picks up the tab
He never walks in empty-handed and manages to charm everyone at the party. He listens intently, while never interrupting. He always knows his audience and finds the right way to add-value.

Additive Advertising

Additive Advertising™